Best & Fastest Wireless Router Available In 2017? Asus RT-AC88U

I have been on the quest to find the fastest wifi router on the market. This means that I am looking at routers with the 802.11ac protocol. I’ve looked at a bunch but this one seems to stand out.

Fastest Wifi Router

The Asus RT-AC88U Wifi Router

Our appetite for various media is pushing innovation on various fronts. It’s not only the computers and mobile phones that has to shape up but the entire infrastructure surrounding them. This includes routers which push data to all the devices connected to a network. Asus has recently unveiled its top of the line router called the RT-AC88U to meet the demands of modern users. It is an incredibly versatile and feature-packed piece of gear that is sure to turn heads in more ways than one. Look around for any Asus RT-AC88U review online and it will likely be filled with well-deserved praise as one of the fastest.

Best Wifi Design

best wifi designIt’s not hard to see why. This router definitely makes an impression right out of the box with its strong gamer aesthetic. The box resembles the powerful laptops in the Asus ROG line with its black angular cuts, vents, and trims. There are several indicator lights on top to easily check the status of different features. Four large antennas jut out from the back and the sides with hollow red trims that further enhance its gaming cred while enhancing coverage and stability. This device is capable of multi-use MIMO. On the front is a convenient Wi-Fi kill switch.

Best Wifi Router Internals

To understand the power of this router, we have to look deeper and check out its impressive internals. At the heart of the device is a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz for serious computational muscle. It also has 512 MB of RAM to ensure that there’s enough resources even at full load. This is a dual channel router using the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz bands and supports the 802.11ac standard for ultra-fast transmission. 4K streaming is not a problem and gaming is a joy with the built-in accelerator. It is compatible with all platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the popular gaming consoles.

best wifi routers

Best Wifi Routers USB Ports

wifi router usbThe fastest router has two USB ports that can perform similar tasks. The only difference is that one uses the 2.0 standard while the other uses the 3.0 standard so the latter will be much faster. Users can connect a storage device to any of these ports and enjoy media streaming anywhere around the house. It will not be as fast as a dedicated NAS but performance is excellent nonetheless. Another option is to attach a printer here so that it can be shared by the family. If you have a 3G or 4G stick, then you can plug it into the USB ports to serve as backup in case the primary connection fails.

Fastest Ethernet Ports

wifi ethernet portsThere are 8 gigabit LAN ports at the back which should be more than enough for any home. This is twice the usual number of gigabit ports offered by competing products. Go ahead and plug in all of your compatible devices for various high bandwidth tasks. For instance, you can connect smart televisions and media players for crystal clear home theater entertainment during family night. Add in your set top box, your gaming consoles, your NAS devices, and more since there are plenty of ports to go around. Enjoy 4K video quality through this powerful hub. Note that you can use two of these LAN ports for link aggregation to achieve even faster speeds.

Fastest Wireless Traffic

Shifting our attention to the user interface, we can see a well-organized layout that should be easy for anyone to work with. It is very similar to what’s present in other Asus routers so long-time users will see a familiar face with a few nifty additions. One of the best new features is the Traffic Analyzer. It lets administrators look into the bandwidth usage on the network on different timeframes. It presents good visuals detailing the sites that have a large impact on performance. This can be used to remove bottlenecks, especially during times when you are doing something important such as a conference call with a client.

Best Wifi Parental Controls

Like most fast wifi routers these days, this one is equipped with powerful parental controls. Children these days are highly tech savvy using multiple devices that can connect to the Internet. There are lots of dangerous places out there on the Web and you can’t always be there to guide them at their side. With the help of these controls, you won’t have to because you can set limits on the sites that they can visit. You may restrict these to certain educational sites or ban offensive content. Aside from filters, this feature also provides time scheduling so they don’t stay logged on all night.

Best Wifi Router Mobile App

fastest wifi router app

Finally, the Asus RT-AC88U has a companion mobile app that lets you control it through your phone. This is much better than having to do everything on a computer since you can take your phone with you wherever you go. Through this app, you can set up the router, monitor the traffic, turn on Game Boost, share Wi-F with guests, perform network diagnostics, and even update the firmware.

Is This The Fastest Wireless Router For Gaming?

Most definitely.  For gaming, you want something that is going to be fast and this one definitely fits that!


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