Best Beginner Quadcopter With Camera For 2018

So what’s the best quadcopter for beginners?

Lets face it…

There are a number of different choices and questions that you will have when it comes to choosing your first beginner drone.

In fact…there are so many of them that it will make it almost impossible to figure out exactly where you should start.


I’m going to share with you some simple factors that you can use that will make your life and your choice ten times easier.

To be fair here I really can’t say there is just one absolute perfect copter as there are several good choices that you can start off with.

But before I reveal the names to you, first I’ll give you some important things to look out for.

You want to make sure your model has these 6 features:

  1. -A good flight controller I know seems obvious but it does need mentioning
  2. -Good Battery life
  3. -Have both indoor/outdoor capabilities
  4. -Have a camera either built in or attached (optional if you are into making fpv videos)
  5. -RTF (ready to fly)
  6. -Good flight time

Like these excellent examples:

Syma X5c Explorer

This one is not one of the cheapest drones that I’ll recommend, however it is one of the easiest to fly.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.




Hubsan FPV X4

This one happens to be rather small, however don’t let the size fool you. It’s rather easy to fly and one of the best drones for begginers. It has really good range and is small enough that it can be taken anywhere you want to go.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.



That couldn’t possibly be all you need to look for?

Actually it’s not.

Here are a few more gloriously simple things you can do to go from beginner to expert status when looking to buy a drone

You should look to see if it comes with extra blades.

For example.

Let’s say that you’re just learning how to fly a quadcopter. Things are going really well. You’ve mastered a few techniques and then…BAM!!! You crash your drone. After giving it a good once over you find that one of your propellers have broken off. With just a few extras on hand you’ll save yourself valuable time and a few headaches by just simply making sure that you have a couple on the side already.

We’re not through just yet.

Up next…

How to make a simple crashpack kit with 8 things or fewer

What is a crashpack kit?

Glad you asked…

It’s a set of spare parts like extra blades, motors, guards etc.. that you put together in case you crash so you won’t have to worry about not being able to fly while waiting on new parts to arrive.

You may or may not order your parts from china.

Some people do.

But when you are a beginner you’re anxious about learning to fly and most likely you don’t want to wait weeks for parts to come in.

I know I didn’t….

What I do is just hop on amazon and order extra blades etc using prime. Yea it costs more but it’s worth it.


Here’s what I have in my crashpack.

2 spare motors

1 extra battery

4 sets of extra blades

1 spare shell

Another quick tip..

You’ll need to make sure that it’s easy to fix as well because when you are first starting out you’ll more than likely have a few crashes and it’s important to know that by having one crash that it doesn’t completely destroy your quad. Of course parts are available online, and depending on what kind of machine you have, you might need to add a soldiering iron to your tool list.

As a beginner the other thing you should do is learn all you can about rc quadcopters and how they work as well as the components that make them go.

I know you’re probably anxious to find out which drones are the best right about now….but just hold on we’re almost there.

…these next tactics will make learning how to fly for the first time a breeze

Here’s what you do.

Hit the forums.

I know I know, it’s more work.

But if you really want to be able to become the Tom Cruze of quadcopter flying, then you need to put the work in.

When I go into the forums I’m looking for one specific type of post…

And what kind of post will cut your learning curve almost in half overnight?

The detailed how to post.

Here’s what you do…

Do a search for information about what it is you want to learn how to do.

Like how to hover…or how to do a figure eight.

Then, start practicing those tips.

When you’re finished, come back to the forum and tell them how it went.

The more experienced flyers will chime in and give you even more helpful advice.

And if I don’t find those kind of posts, then I just ask directly.

Surprisingly most people will be glad to lend  you a hand or point you in the right direction.

Also…here’s s a bit more advice…

Don’t just visit the  forum and lurk around in the background.

That’s way too creepy.

Engage them by asking for their opinion. They will love to give out their thoughts on what you should do and how you should do it.

Let them know that you are a beginner.

Every person who is now an expert once used to be a newbie just like you.

And now for…

The one “how to fly your quadcopter” hack that most beginners will want to know

Here’s how you can throw your learning skills into overdrive.

Head over to the worlds largest education video channel.


Then type in these words.

“How to fly a quadcopter for beginners”

Look for a video that’s produced by a guy who goes by the name “my first drone”

Here’s why you want to look at that video.

He gives you the basics on what you will need to master in order to eventually learn how to fly your drone like a pro.

The trick is to remember that you are just a beginner and only practice those steps first.

Don’t even try any fancy stuff…you’re not ready for that yet.

Then watch how fast your skills will improve.

Seriously…you’ll learn twice as fast watching how other people who have done what you are trying to do and then putting action behind what you have just learned.

This will cut your learning time in half.

Are we done yet?

Not at all..

This next question is one you must know the answer to before you even place any kind of order.

And that is….

How much should you spend on your first drone?

Ideally I would recommend that you start off in the $50 – $100 price range.

Remember your goal here at the start is to learn how to fly…master those skills with an affordable quad and then move up to the next level.

I know at first it might be very tempting to want to get a copter with a nice gopro mount, but the truth is that at the start, you don’t need a fancy mount for cameras. The main part of your focus will be on flight techniques.

Keep in mind that as you go up in price, the complexity on how to fly your drone will go up as well. This is another reason why I recommend starting out in the $50 – $100 range because you are only trying to get flying experience at this point.

Now what is the best beginner quadcopter for you to take a look at?

Here’s my list:

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