Best Case For Watercooling

There are a number of cases on the market; brands with low-end and high-end models. This makes it difficult to choose the right case; particularly if you are a demanding user seeking a case that can totally support water cooling. Users who are more advanced typically look for modular cases with cable management options, removable dust filters and general good use of size.

However, aficionados have “special needs” and find that they are pc cases that are good for liquid cooling and some that simply do not cut it. The cases highlighted below can be considered before a final decision is made:

Our Liquid Cooling Recommendations

Phanteks Evolv Shift X Case

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Phanteks is a relatively new arrival in the chassis market but they have already made a good name for themselves. Distinctive design and premium finishes are combined to make the Phanteks Evolv Shift X stand out among the competition. Its craftsmanship is visible in every detail; from its smart use of space to its innovative features, it delivers the ultimate level of slim and powerful configurations.

Each aspect of this impressive device has been designed specifically to be clean, intuitive and accessible. The design of the interior is intended to satisfy the demands of water cooling buffs. Its versatile placement and small footprint help the Shift X to have an impressive presence wherever it is placed in your home environment or place of business. The Evolv Shift X is larger than the Evolv Shift and they both feature the same tempered glass and anodized aluminum exterior, connected to a powder-coated steel frame.

In Win 303 Case

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In Win 303 is officially promoted as a mixture of an exceptional aesthetic with real-world design and an affordable price tag. This case is an amazingly beautiful and many individuals agree that the camera does not do justice to reflect how truly attractive it is. The case has a tempered panel that makes everything look very clear and sharp. This adds reflection and depth that you simply cannot get from Acrylic windows. It is built solid, has very impressive cable management and its hollow internals make it quite easy to work in. Its exterior is dominated by the large side window. It also has a slightly polarizing, well-lit vertical front panel equipped with a large In Win logo, a pair of USB 3 and USB 2 ports and audio jacks. In certain ways, it is quite funky-looking, edgy and very well made, particularly the finishing.

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition Computer Case

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This case is designed for great-looking, high-performance PCs. If your aim is to build a full-tower PC system for high performance, the Obsidian Series 750D provides a remarkable place to start. It is a combination of exceptional water or air cooling capabilities, generous expansion flexibility and its interior is optimized for quick and easy upgrades and builds.

Its exterior is made of brushed aluminum and steel for a clean and elegant look. The rugged and rigid exterior covers a spacious frame that can fit high-performance components. In addition, it delivers the refined cooling you will need to get the most out of those components.

It also has tool-free drive bays that can be removed and moved around; therefore, you will be able to use only what is required for your specific storage needs. This provides better airflow potential and more space for components.

Phanteks Enthoo Series Primo Aluminum ATX Ultimate Full-tower Case

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Phanteks has been in operation for a little while manufacturing CPU coolers; however, the Enthoo Primo Aluminum ATX is their very first enclosure, which is obviously designed to get the attention of potential users. An almost laughable amount of limitation is involved in attempting to create a case that stick to the ATX standard. In addition, many of the case designs that have emerged in the last few years have essentially been about evading the weaknesses of the standard; but an alternative take is offered by the Enthoo Primo.

Phanteks has used one of the standard ATX enclosure designs and fragmented it into semi-discrete cavities. The interior separates the primary components and motherboard from the storage and the power supply. A removable plate covers the routing holes to give the interior a clean, neat look.

Thermaltake Suppressor F-51 Window SPCC E-ATX Mid Tower

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The Thermaltake Suppressor F-51 Window SPCC E-ATX Mid Tower is another great addition to the line of Thermaltake cases. It features leading-edge, sound-reduction panels all around, which are designed to expand your cooling opportunities. The removable panels deliver the ideal balance in cooling performance and silent operation. The Thermaltake Suppressor F-51 provides support for a variety of motherboard platforms from E-ATX to Mini ITX solutions. Additionally, it delivers unrivaled expandability and liquid cooling expansion for all top-of-the-line GPU solutions. Users will get a trusted enthusiast built design.

The fully modular design includes removable “2 + 6” drive racks. This allows users to gain more space for custom cooling components to easily swap out SSD/HDD cage sections to maximize interior space. Take advantage to include maximum capacity, high-end, cooling allotment without having to reduce GPU length limitations when liquid cooling expansion is being incorporated for the best in cooling performance.

What to Look for When Choosing the A Custom Water Cooling Case

The most important thing you have to note is the amount of space you have available for a pc case for watercooling. Decide whether it will be showcased next to your monitors or be tucked away underneath a desk. If it will be placed in a cabinet or under a desk, measure the location carefully to ensure you get a case that will fit the available width, height and depth.

Additionally, you should pay close attention to the radiator size you will need to ensure the case will be able to support it. Carefully examine both the thickness and area of the radiator. Some cases support a push-pull configuration, while others will have to be modified. Below are the different sizes of the most commonly used towers:


Using a car metaphor, full-tower cases can be likened to the full-size sport utility vehicles as a ton of equipment can be packed into them. They are most ideal for high-performance gaming rigs and workstations that require additional cooling like those with demanding graphics and processing requirements. Typically, they can provide support for 2 x 140mm and 3 x 120mm radiators on the top and front; some can even support up to 4 x 120mm radiators.


Mid-towers are basically like sedans; most of your stuff can fit but it is still relatively easy to find a city parking spot. These towers can be used for just about anything from everyday office use to decent gaming rigs. ATX is the most commonly used motherboard and it fits right in the mid-towers, which also happen to be the most common tower size. You will get as many as seven expansion slots, which is excess for most individuals.

Mini-ITX Tower

Continuing with the car metaphor, the Mini-ITX tower would represent a two-seat sports car. Typically, these towers are highly optimized and very small, which make them limited in what can be done with them. If you are seeking a small, quiet build but you generally do not push your equipment too hard, the Mini-ITX could be a great option for you.

Other things to look at with a watercooling case:

  • radiator mounts
  • fan mounts


I hope these PC case reviews give you an idea on what to get.  If your PC is most commonly used for accessing email, general web surfing, the occasional video call and creating or editing documents, these activities can be handled by practically any size case. Much is not required in the way of cooling or expansion slots. Many people want a reasonably-priced case that does not take up a lot of space. There is a wide range of case sizes to satisfy a variety of needs. Sometimes the terminology can be a bit confusing; therefore, you should just be focused on your needs and disregard all of the excess marketing hype.

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