Best Headphones For Podcasting

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and that is largely because creating the production is fairly easy and just about anyone can make one. However, it must be noted that audio quality is essential in podcasts and having a set of noise-cancelling headphones is the only way of ensuring you will be heard loud and clear. Whether recording or editing, your ears should be covered to eliminate audio contamination.

Headphones can assist you in better recording and editing your podcast. Selecting the right studio monitor headphones is a process that is highly subjective; however, you can consider the ones below before making a final decision – at the best possible price range for top quality.

Our Recommendations for the Best Podcasting Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M50x – Our Top Podcasting Headphones Choice

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The Audio Technica ATH-M50x is a part of the critically-acclaimed M-Series professional monitor headphones. They provide outstanding comfort, precise audio and are ideal for use on the go and for extended in-studio sessions. The contoured earcups deliver a tight seal for exceptional sound isolation, with only marginal bleed. In addition, the pro-grade materials are both comfortable and durable. They are the favorite among cult followers, top audio engineers, online reviewers and many others. The ATH-M50x podcast headphones is an unmatched combination of build-quality and audio that consistently gets the job done.

Sennheiser HD-280 PRO

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The Sennheiser HD-280 Pro is the brand’s most noteworthy around-the-ear, closed headphone to emerge in years. It was designed to surpass the demands of the professional setting and boasts tremendously robust construction. It also features modular design, impressive sound quality and extraordinary noise isolation, which is essential in the field. Its exceptional collapsible design, along with the swiveling earcups, provides supreme flexibility in any application. Other features include high ambient noise attenuation, linear and accurate sound reproduction and soft and comfortable-fitting earpads. There are also folding and rotating earcups to save space during transportation and a tough, single-sided cable.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 (QC35)

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The best-in-class headphones from Bose have received an epic update via a new feature that summons Google Assistant. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 (QC35) supports NFC and Bluetooth wireless audio pairing. It features a Micro-USB charging port, an inline microphone, and play/pause/volume buttons that are directly built into the right earcup. Additionally, the QC35 has a fresh action button on the left earcup; if you own a supported iOS or Android device, this feature can be used to summon Siri, Google Assistant or change the noise cancellation levels. In addition, it offers the brand’s highest-quality, adaptive noise-cancellation headphone technology.

Shure SRH440

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These Shure Professional Studio Headphones distribute remarkable sound reproduction for studio and home recording alike. The reproduction of audio is clear-cut across a lengthy range and power handling, sensitivity and impedance are standardized for professional audio devices. The SRH440 headphones are a perfect combination of comfort and professional sound quality, ideal for both monitoring and recording. The clean and exceptionally-balanced audio is also ideal for general listening. This is because these headphones enable users to hear a crystal-clear sound that includes a rich, full bass and remarkable lows, mids and highs regardless of the kind of music that is being played.

Sony MDR7506

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Few headphones have survived 30 years and remain as the primary workhorse for a number of sound professionals worldwide. The Sony MDR-7506 began its existence as the MDR-V6 over 30 years ago. Clearly, the headphone landscape back then was a lot different; therefore, these were an immediate favorite among a number of sound engineers. These professional-quality MDR-7506 Headphones enable users to hear it all. First-class 40mm drivers replicate every musical nuance. Its closed-ear design virtually eliminates external noise, delivers a tight bass response and nestles over the ears for many hours of comfort.

Audio-Technica ATH-M45

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Specifically designed for professional studio monitoring, the Audio Technica ATH-M45 Studio Headphones is equipped with a flat, extended-frequency response for monitoring and mixing. The superior components of these headphones deliver inflated SPL capability while preserving precise and clean sound reproduction. The comfortable circumaural earpieces on these headphones can be rotated 180 degrees to enable one-ear monitoring. Their field-serviceable headphone design allows for easy and rapid replacement of the ear pads, cable and drivers. Other features include:

• High SPL capability, 1600 mW of power handling
• Field-replaceable ear pads, cables and drivers
• Convenient one-side exit, OFC litz wire cables,
• 40 mm diameter drivers, CCAW voice coils and neodymium magnets

Audio-Technica ATH-M30

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The Audio-Technica ATH-M30 headphones are the ideal option for recording musicians, project studio engineers and for home use. These dynamic stereo headphones deliver utmost sonic precision in a design engineered to supply extreme comfort for hours of use. Their closed-back, low-profile design delivers impressive isolation and exceptional clarity in high-volume listening environments. Other features include their adjustable cushioned headband, neodymium magnet structure, and gold-plated stereo 1/8-inch connector with screw-on ¼-inch adapter. There is also strain relief and ultra-flexible 11-foot cable with single-side exit.

Grado Prestige Series SR325e

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The top-of-the-range Prestige Series SR325e Headphone has been update with, among other things, an innovative driver and cable design. The 8 conductor cable is designed to provide remarkable stability and control of the lower and upper range of the frequency spectrum, with both supporting the midrange for which Grado is world renowned. There is also added mass from the metal housing that is designed to minimize transient distortions. The Prestige Series SR325e will produce audio that is purely and uniquely Grado. This means rich full-bodied vocals, warm harmonic colors, an ultra-smooth top end and outstanding dynamics for podcasts.

AKG K 240

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The AKG K240 professional semi-open, over-ear headphones are an enduring standard in orchestras, in studios and on stages across the globe. The semi-open design supplies the airiness of open headphones and the commanding bass response of closed designs. Their unconventional Varimotion 30-mm XXL transducers provide crystal-clear highs, precise mids and a solid low end. For more than thirty years, professional musicians and engineers have made the AKG K240 one of the most commonly used headphones at live consoles and in studios across the globe. Once they are over the ears, an entire podcast session can be spent without ear fatigue.

Features To Consider When Looking For The Top Headphones For Podcasting Audio

The features to consider include:

  • Accuracy – The most essential issue for a podcast is how sound is reproduced by your headphones. It is also important to ensure that what is recorded is precisely what is heard. Flat frequency response is needed for a more accurate audio reproduction.
  • Sound Leakage – Sound leakage from the headphones can cause problems for recording and annoy individuals who are nearby. The leakage will be a great concern if recording is done with cohosts either remotely or in studio, particularly if you are producing a double-ender.
  • Comfort – The headphones you use for your podcast should be comfortable on your ears and for over-the-head headphones, they should be comfortable on your head as well.
  • Sound Isolation – Another great feature of podcast headphones is how well they can prevent noise from going into your ears. Good sound isolation is useful in enabling you to determine whether a particular noise is only in the room or actually in your recording.
  • Cord Style – Whether the headphones have straight or coiled cable is a small and often overlooked detail. Coiled will provide flexible room and stays in place. Straight is nice for providing slack but sometimes it gets wrapped around things.

Top Podcast Headphones Choices Conclusion

If you are the host a video podcast, you should consider avoiding a huge pair of headphones, as it could seem unprofessional and be distracting. If you really need to wear a pair of headphones while video recording, the smaller they are, the better they will be. You should even consider sticking with ear buds to ensure they would be practically invisible to the viewers. All in all, finding them should include ensuring they fit comfortably and deliver excellent sound quality.

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Ready For Some Headphones?  These Are Our Recommendations.

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