Best Xbox One Charging Station (2018 Choices!)

Although you can alkaline AA batteries to power the Xbox one power controllers, it is senseless replacing these cells on a regular basis. Apart from this, such cells will also burn a hole in your pocket. What else could be more frustrating to find that you have a dead controller when you are planning to sit down for a marathon gaming session? Instead of spending a fortune by purchasing AA batteries, invest your money in a quality charging station, built specifically for this gaming console, and provides you with hours of uninterrupted gaming fun. Here is a list of the best Xbox One charging station for you to choose from.

Our Recommendations for Best Xbox One Charging Station:

Fosmon Xbox One High Speed Docking

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Whenever reviewing any product, I make it a point to check out the number of stars it has received on Amazon. The 5-star rating received by this charger and the rave reviews by its users speaks volumes about its quality. This model supports the Xbox One S controller, and has the capacity to charge 2 Xbox One controller simultaneously. This dock uses rechargeable 800 mAh Nickel-metal hydride batteries and offers 28 hours of continuous playtime. Users can recharge the batteries 1,000 times before you have to replace them. Unlike older NiMH batteries that lose power when not used over an extended period, the batteries used in this model hols charge better for a long time.

The kit includes a 3.5 foot USB power cable with barriers, which replace the normal housing found on Xbox controllers, a charging station, and a green LED charging indicator. When you are not gaming, put the gaming controller on the charging station and it will start charging automatically. The green LED indicator blinks to indicate that the gaming controller is being charged. When fully charged, the LED light stops blinking and stays lit. This charger comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  Our top choice for best XBox One charging station.

Jelly Comb Dual Dock

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If you are a serious gamer, you cannot do without this charger, which boasts of two high capacity 1200 mAH rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, which provides maximum energy to the controller. It is one the few charging docks available that can charge two controllers simultaneously. You can also charge one controller while playing with the other. This charger takes only two hours to charge the batteries fully, which provides users up to 11 hours of playing time. The dual colored LED indicator displays the charge status and changes color from red to blue when the batteries are fully charged.

Tipping the scales at 200 grams, this charging dock ships with 2 x 1200 mAh Li-Polymer batteries, a charging power cable, and includes a one year warranty. This charger boasts of a special over charge protection circuit, which stops charging the controller’s batteries when they are fully charged, preventing them from getting damaged by overheating. Considering the fact that the unit requires two hours to fully charge the batteries and that a fully charged battery provides 11 hours of playing time, you can keep on playing uninterruptedly when using this charging dock.

Venom Twin Docking Station

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Weighing only 135 grams, this docking station, compatible with standard as well as elite controllers, is arguably the lightest one available. The price of this dual unit charger is pocket friendly and costs approximately the same as charge kits containing one battery. The dual cradle means that you can charge both controllers at the same time. The dual multicolored LED charge indicators, one for each cradle, change from red to green once the batteries are fully charged. This unit provides enough juice to last for 18 hours of gameplay.

Be ready to be surprised as this unit charges both controllers in just one hour. This unit ships with the charging unit, a manual, two 700 mAh Nimh rechargeable batteries, and a USB to mini USB cable. Setting up the unit is as easy as plugging one end of the USB to the docking station and the other end to the Xbox. Unlike some other chargers that depend on “quick charge” to charge the batteries quickly, this beauty from Venom provides “normal charge” that enhances the life of its battery. You can charge the batteries for 1,000 times before you need to purchase a new set.

TNP Xbox One

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TNP is famous for its wide range of high quality chargers for different gaming consoles. Therefore, it does not come across as a surprise when this model surpassed by expectations. Priced reasonably, this charger boasts of dual charging docks, each having its own LED indicator that provides a visual signal when its batteries are fully charged. The unit ships with an adapter (you can use this to charge the unit from the main power supply), a user manual, two rechargeable 600 mAh batteries, and a USB cable.

Using the device is quite easy. Simply drop the controller on to the cradle to initiate the charging process. Like most other chargers available nowadays, this unit can charge two controllers simultaneously. The unit boasts of a smartchip, which controls the charge, making it steady. This unit works best with a specific brand f battery. Ensure that you replace worn out batteries (expect 1,000 charges before replacing the battery) with those of the similar brand.

It has a low profile compared to other chargers, allow users to place it comfortably on any surface without taking up too much real estate. The charging channel provided along with the unit has micro USB ports, allowing you to charge the batteries with most micro cables.

AmazonBasics Dual Charging Station for Xbox One

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If you are on the lookout for a smartly designed charger that provides awesome performance, look no further than the AmazonBasics. This sleek design charging station takes roughly two and a half hours to charge the controller fully. The color of the dual LED indicator at the bottom of the unit (one for each cradle) remains red while the controller is being charged and turns green once the controller is fully charged. Amazon needs t decrease the luminosity of these indicators as they distract the attention of players while they are concentrating on a game. It stands apart from most other chargers as Xbox has officially licensed it.

The unit is covered with a one year warranty by Amazon. The bundle includes the charging dock, and two battery packs. A fully charged battery provides you with one week of gaming fun if you play for approximately one hour daily. The spring loaded charging station allows you to raise the controller once it has charged fully. This helps prevent it from being overcharged. As this unit locks the controllers in place while charging them, there is no fear of short circuiting.

What to consider when buying a charging station for Xbox One

There are several factors I would like to check before I spend my money on purchasing a Xbox One charging station.

The unit should have the capability to charge two batteries at the same time
• I would prefer a unit that charges the controllers quickly
• A LED indicator is necessary for the charger to be on my list
• With space constraints in my table, I would prefer a charger that has the smallest footprint
• The batteries included with the charger also play a decisive role. I would prefer a model that ships with Lithium Ion batteries that can be charged for 1,000 times before I need to replace them.
• The longevity of the battery (the amount of gaming time it allows after a full charge)is vital too
• I hate chargers that include USB cables shorter than six inches in length (the three inch ones are more ideal for charging cellphones with a powerbank)
• Although documentation is not top on my list, having one is good as it helps those who have never used such a gadget before to set it up quickly.


I was overall surprised with the performance of the five units that I reviewed. The numbers of fake reviews on Amazon made me wonder whether the writer had enmity with the manufacturer. To achieve perfect results, I charged the batteries of each model fully, tested the time required for it to get charged, and played the same game with the controllers at a stretch till the controller’s batteries gave out, and noticed the duration of time the batteries lasted. I was bowled over by the charge protection circuit Jelly Comb included as well as its 1200 mAH rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries. For me, it is the best Xbox One charging station.

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