Gaming Headphones – What features to consider before buying?

As gameplay or graphics are essential components for an immersive gaming experience, equally sound is important for best gaming experience. Sound is what makes you enjoy rain falling or it is what tips you off to someone about to attack. It’s what gives you influence over the other team allowing you to start killing them. That’s why it is essential to buy a best gaming headphone.

Best headsets are those which are designed by keeping in mind to deliver the best sound in ways that are suitable for gamers. Headphones having pin-sharp audio will help in detecting the footsteps quicker and be able to aim and pull trigger before the enemy knows about you. Check out the reviews of best gaming headsets in this video:

There are headphones available with a lot of features in the market. Let’s dive into this features you need to keep in mind while buying the perfect gaming headset.

Stereo or Surround Sound Gaming Headset?


If you are not looking for positional audio and is just looking for a headset which helps in enjoying the story, then a stereo gaming headset is what you should choose for yourself. But if you are a gamer who plays the first person shooter games then surround sound is the best choice for you. Positional sounds are crucial for FPS games hence surround is the necessity for this type of games. Surround sound headsets are designed with multiple drivers kept in the ear pads. These multiple channels give you an immersive experience. There is only minor difference between stereo and surround sound headset. But multiple drivers in surround sound headphone distort the sound. If you don’t want a headset with distorted sound then go for a stereo sound headset.

Comfortable Gaming Headsets

Comfortable gaming headset is a great asset for you. If you have to use headsets for hours then you should keep comfort in your mind while buying this headphone. You cannot afford a headset which weighing you down and keeping you from winning the gaming session. You need to analyze the material used in headband and ear pads in order to check the comfortability of a headphone. If a comfortable headset comes with good adjustments then it is the best option for you.

What about mic?


Most of the gaming headphones have a mic attached to them. Mic can be unidirectional or omnidirectional. As omni means so many directions so an omnidirectional mic picks up more sounds from surroundings bringing in an ambient experience. On the other hand, as uni means one hence unidirectional mic is made to focus only on your voice which enables you to send your message clearly across your team. If you don’t need an ambient noise that will disturb your performance in gaming battlefield then unidirectional mic is the best choice for you.


This list covers the main features but there is lot more features which you can consider while selecting the best gaming headphone. Sound plays a crucial role in the overall gaming experience so don’t compromise the quality of headset.

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