How To Get Better At League Of Legends

For starters, you will often be tempted to ban characters you consider to be OP (over-powered). However, even though it may allow you to play more calmly, this is not always the right choice. To eject effectively, you must already determine whether your first-pick. If you are first-pick, try not to ban a character you consider Op, and you know how to play properly, such as Morgana, Kog Maw, Graves, and formerly Orianna.

These characters have something in common and they are often banned or even perma-bans. So, if you know how to play one of these characters and you are first-pick, you can try not to ban them so you can play them if the opponent banner does not pay attention.

A second way of ejecting is the ban of convenience. That is, knowing that you will play a certain character and knowing the weaknesses of this character, you will ban champions harmful to your gaming experience. For example, if you decided to play Dr. Mundo, ban Kog Maw and Vayne, these characters will undoubtedly increase your efficiency and survival enormously.

In another case, if you decide to play Katarina, you could ban champions, such as Soraka, Sona or Sion. The last way to eject is the ban of ability, that is, you ban champions you cannot play against in order to avoid rolling.

Achieving a balanced composition

First, in the current metagame, a balanced, or viable composition often consists of a bruiser top lane, a duo character ad and support bot lane, a character ap mid lane and a jungler often of type bruiser.

Most often, the top lane bruisers are characters with a very high capacity for survival and holding lane. These characters are often very resistant, which does not prevent them from doing damage. If you choose this role, you will spend most of your time farming to acquire important stuff quickly in order to dominate the first team fights in which you will be the main source of damage with the character.

As for the duo bot lane, it is often representative of a certain synergy (a spammer with Soraka, a very aggressive character with an Alistar or a Leona). As for the character ap mid lane, it acts aggressively early in the game.

A good jungler is a character who can effectively farm the jungle, and having a capacity for gank, and therefore increased control. An uncontrolled jungler will not be able to perform his role very effectively. A jungler’s role is to rebalance the lanes, or even give the advantage to his teammates. However, I want to point out that a successful gank does not necessarily mean a kill, but also a loss of creeps, a summoner’s spell used or a forced back of the enemy.

Controlling and engaging

A team without control is very vulnerable in case of gank and can even be totally outplayed during a team fight despite the fact that you have dominated the laning phase. Be aware that the control compensation offered by certain objects is not enough.

For starters, any good composition must have a strong team fight engagement force, such as an AOE stun, a taunt, or even suppression. The fact that you engage in a team fight so violently will result in a direct response from the enemy, however, having engaged, you may have already eliminated an enemy or they may all already be injured.

On the downside, even after a good engagement a team fight can still turn against you. For this reason, a mass of low cool down controls (want to up your game? look at these mice for LOL!) are useful to maintain a certain pressure on the opponents and to really handicap them.

The ultimate composition in terms of control would be in my opinion composed of an Amumu, a Sona, an Ashe, a Galio and a Morgana, as well a composition impossible to leave, or which would give rise to a massive dodge tail from the opponents.

Summoner spells

In a team, some spells are essential, such as Fatigue. They help counter the characters ad enemies or sometimes ap (one to three per team), often placed on the characters in laning, fire, to limit the regeneration of an enemy, and increase his burst in early game (one to two per team).

A smite is mandatory on the jungler character to complete buffs and epic monsters and clairvoyance on the support in order to follow the opposing jungler or to locate the opposing team later in the game.

Most people choose to take the knife-Swiss spell, aka flash, which is super useful for running away or engaging or the ghost spell for the same reasons. Take the heal spell to compensate for their lack of regeneration. Other summoner spells can be chosen depending on the situation.

During the loading period, analyze your opponent’s summoner spell choices and figure out who will be your opponent in the lane. The basic starters are three potions boots, if you decide to leave aggressive or your support has no heal or you have to dodge skills shots. Cloth armor plus five potions helps you enjoy a good hold of lane or for jungle. The rejuvenation pendant plus one potion are designed to allow you to have a good regeneration in lane and to leave on a stuff income.

The enchanting charm, wards and pots are for support. A doran weapon is for a balanced or aggressive laning. Also, determine if you can try to invade the jungle opponent if your composition level 1 is powerful and has many controls, know that flying a buff and some monsters to your opponents greatly handicaps their jungler.

How To Get Better At League Of Legends: Reaping golds

To put it simply, the last-hit is the most important thing in the game, last-hit can reap golds, which will allow you to stuff you and so rustle your opponent, as the American saying goes: “farm to win.”

The principle of the last-hit is precisely the fact of simply giving the last shot to the opponent’s henchmen and this in order not to anger lane and therefore not to expose you to the ganks of the opposing jungler and to allow your get out of his jungle. So hit the henchman when he has about 60-70 hp to complete it safely.

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