How To Get Better At PubG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PubG has quickly become the most popular royal battle on the PC. Children as well as grownups love to play this amazing game in their free time. Although the game is pretty simple to start, it gets tougher and tougher as you advance. If you are a serious game player and wish to win the battleground, you should learn the tricks of winning this game. If you want to excel in this amusing game, take a look at tips on how to get better at PubG.

Basics of the game

Approximately, 100 players parachute from a plane on an island, look for gear and weapons and fight to death. Throughout the game, a shrinking circle closes around this island, a field of blue energy that damages the players who get caught in. Players have to travel on foot or vehicles into the safe zone drawing closer to remaining players for the final showdown. The last player who is left alive wins the game. While the game seems apparently simple, it is pretty difficult, especially as you move on.

Although PubG doesn’t feature the raw complexity of ARMA, you need to know certain things before you hit the ground. You can increase your chances of excelling at the battleground by staying updated with the ups and downs of the game. Here are the best tricks on staying alive and winning the PubG.

Land quickly

Hit the ground as quickly as possible. This is even more correct in case you are landing in a zone other players are aiming for, and especially if it is a zone without much loot. The sooner you land, the better the performance will be.

Know your landing zones

It may be the situation that you wish to land in a zone where there is much loot. However, this also means that you will have to face more competition from other such players. Sometimes, you may want to get to a more secluded spot with a sparse selection of loot. No matter your choices, you should know your zones to make the right timing and strategies to grab the highest loot while contending with other players.

Don’t stop moving

Whether you are in an extended firefight or in an exposed position, keep moving. Standing still will give a chance to your enemies to take a shot against you. Move laterally towards your target if you know where it is. When looting outdoors, hit the Tab key and drag items into the inventory using the mouse.

Use free look

You have to use your eyes well to win battlegrounds. Move your head along with the camera by holding the Alt key. This is particularly helpful during the aerial descent when you wish to look out in all directions to spot parachutes and enemies.

Swap shoulder views

Hold the right mouse button and tap Q and E. In this way, you can swap shoulder views. If you are trying to peek numerous sides of cover, swapping shoulder views can be pretty useful.

Respect the bush

Although hiding in a bush offers zero protection, it is a great spot to hide. Your enemies won’t be able to spot you easily in the bush. Likewise, take a look at nearby bushes and get familiar with the surroundings to spot your hiding enemies.

Understand the electric death wall

The blue circle is pretty dangerous as it can siphon you towards other players. From the first moment you are about to jump from the plane till the game is over, you should keep an eye on circles to avoid death. Each circle has the potency to damage you with late circles causing more damages including death.

Use armor and shot guns

While armor reduces damage and provides cover, shot guns let you shoot at targets. Be mindful about various armor types and use them accordingly for minimum damages. Also, take a look at pistols, rifles, SMGs and shotguns to pick the most effective arms.

Look for red zones

You should keep your eyes on two circles – the one showing the blue-death field and the other showing the safe zone. However, you should also keep your eyes on red zones (usually displayed as on-screen text warning) that show the area that is about to be fire bombed.

Don’t kill teammates

Killing your teammates will get you banned. Also, it will hurt your chances of winning a squad. So be mindful when taking shots at enemies.

Communicate with your squad and move faster

A good PubG headset is a must. Learn to communicate with your squad precisely and efficiently. This will transfer messages to one another and you can move faster. Also, use boost items such as painkillers, adrenaline shots and energy drinks to heal your wounds and injuries.

Distance and range finding

Zoom in on the PubG map to see the distance clearly. You could use this distance to judge and estimate how far a player, zone or building is from your particular location. This will save your time and let you take accurate moves for looting a building or killing your enemy.

Close doors usually

By default, doors are closed. When you get into a building, be sure to close the door. Leaving the door open will indicate to your enemies that someone is inside, and you could be hit when you are looting. Also, keep the doors closed after leaving the building. This will give the signal that the building is not looted and your enemies will be occupied in trying to loot an empty building. It will also give you a chance to kill the enemies.

Final thoughts

PubG is one of the best PC games to while away your time and enjoy an adventurous game. Whether you are an amateur or a professional gamer, you will definitely love to play this mind blowing game. However, you ought to get familiar with the ins and outs of the game to excel in this adventurous game. In case you lack info on how to get better at PubG, stick to the above tips and you are on your way to enhancing your chances of winning the battleground.

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