Never Wipe A Macbook Or Reset It Back To Factory Settings Without Reading This First!

Have you been thinking about doing an entire factory reset of your Mac?  You may want to think twice first – or at least get yourself prepared properly!  There are a number of different risks involved that you need to address first!

* Important note – Are you just looking for a way to quickly clean up your Mac and make it run faster?  You actually may not need to do a complete reinstall or factory reset –  Click here to try this quick three step method first.


Risk #1You Might Lose All Your Data – including those precious family vacation pictures!

If you don’t back up everything properly, you could lose some precious files like cherished pictures.  Backup your data.  You don’t want to lose all your precious memories in your photos, videos and other files you have on your computer.  WARNING: If you do not do proper backups first, you WILL lose everything.

Luckily, these days, we have some excellent cloud backup services available.  Back when I did my very first Mac reinstall, none of this was available.  I thought I did my backup properly into an external hard drive that I had.  Got everything all reinstalled and went to transfer all my vacation and daughter’s photos back to my computer and they were gone! I lost everything and was devastated!

Risk #2 – The Reinstall Doesn’t Actually Fix Your Issues.

Perhaps you decided that you wanted to do the reinstall because things kept crashing on you or some other things just didn’t work right.  Maybe the OS is not your issue at all and it is actually the computer itself that is the issue.  You could spend all that time dong a backup and reinstall and still have the same problems.  Note: if your computer is still under warranty, you can actually purchase an Applecare extension – take a look here for your options.

Risk #3 – Sometimes The Factory Reset Procedure Doesn’t Work

I have seen some cases in the support forums where people have complained that something caused their computers to not do the reset properly and essentially made their computer unusable.  This is probably the main reason why I would recommend first trying a program like Mackeeper to clean and speed things up that way first before doing this – consider the factory reset a last resort.

If you can get past these three risks, then by all means, go for it!  But, at least you have been warned of the pitfalls first!

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