Top 3 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Better SEO Optimization Options

If anyone asks you which platform is better for blogging by giving you 2 choice, Blogger or WordPress? Most of the WP experienced users will vote for WordPress platform only. So when we look over CMS (Content Management System), then around 46% of websites are using WordPress. Many big SEO analysts also prefer WordPress platform only! The main reason for choosing WordPress for better SEO. Yeah, WordPress take care of 80-90% on Search engine optimization. If the SEO is good for an blog, then it can rank first on Google. But you need to do some tweaks too on your WordPress dashboard!

Anyhow today, we are not going to discuss about starting a WordPress site or Optimizing an WP blog. Here in this post, we are going to look over some best reasons why people choose WordPress and why you should choose WordPress for better SEO options. You can list up many things for using WordPress. But I’ve Three Charming Reason for Using WordPress with short note about its features too!

Do you know? The SEO King, Matt Cutts is using WordPress for his personal blog! This may be shocking to all ? Questions may strikes our thoughts! He knows about SEO, so without choosing Blogger platform or any other platform Why Matt Cutts chooses WP for his Personal Blog? These things may point out, WordPress is best for Search Engine Optimization and for Optimum Searches. Do you agree with me guys?

If you’re a newbie to WordPress, then you should check this post to know WP SEO Advantages over other Blogging Platforms! To make it simple, I have listed some 3 key points (reasons) Why Choose WordPress for SEO Optimization? Let’s get started and check Best WordPress SEO Tweaks!!

Why You Should Choose WordPress for SEO Optimization?

As I said before, this post is about Top Reason to Choose WordPress for better SEO Optimization! So as I’ve promised you about sharing Why to Choose WordPress added below! Wanna to check it out? Hooray, let’s do it,

Reason #1:- SEO WordPress Themes (Free & Paid)

The first impression is the best impression! Yep, this sentence may prove about your site design. So if you come to pick best WordPress themes, then you will search on Google as “WordPress themes” and you will choose anyone theme and you will make it live on your blog. So while doing, did you ever noticed about the availability of WP Themes? Yeah, you can find millions of WordPress themes for your website!

Those WordPress templates are designed by professional designers and they will looks well optimized for SEO Friendly themes. And some designing companies develops such SEO friendly themes which offers WordPress frameworks and themes too! Moreover, these WordPress themes will looks more awesome and standard with eye catching design. And the best part with WordPress themes, is on its Page Speed! Mostly every WordPress themes are good on it!

I prefer everyone to choose good SEO friendly WordPress theme and try to buy themes from popular developers because other designers may not use codings in better manner as professional developers does! If you site got Clean Code for your theme then it will looks better with good performance on other end. Make sure you choose Good SEO Friendly WP Themes for your site.

And at this present time, Google loves Mobile Friendly and Responsive design websites. So if you look over WordPress, then you can many responsive themes to make it looks awesome on both desktops and on smartphones. And such responsive themes can ensure that your website will benifit for mobile traffic and this was a new update from Google Mobilegeddon.

Do you agree with these things about WordPress themes? That’s why I listed this point at top in my list ?

Reason #2:- In Built SEO Option

I prefer everyone to go with StudioPress and Mythemeshop themes because it includes built-in SEO with their own frameworks & Child themes. When you use their themes, you will automatically have access to search engine optimization field for your website. There you need to give proper details for your blog homepage, pages, posts and for archive page too! If you don’t use such theme, then you need go manually!

What will comes under Built-in SEO feature?

Every website need a good SEO optimized title, description and keywords. So while publishing new posts you must consider these things to rank better on search engines. In normal mode, you won’t such tools! Here if you use thier themes you will get separate section for Theme SEO Settings. There you can add your Custom Document Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Custom Canonical URL and Custom Rediret URL.

Along with these tweaks you will find other robots meta settings too! Robots meta settings are more necessary and it will decide to make your blog post rank on search engines or not. Allowing your post to index, nofollow and noarchive can be done here. These configurations can be done when needed for some necessary posts or pages.If you check the noindex option, then your post/page won’t be indexed by search engines and they may not visible in Google result page too! So before applying changes in SEO option, make sure you do correctly!

Reason #3:- Cool WordPress Plugins

If you don’t like to follow the above discussed thing, then you can use a plugin. There are some SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, All in One SEO and many more which allows you to optimize your blog freely. Just you need to download and install these plugins in your blog and you need to fill all the fields you need to optimize your WP posts, WP pages and Homepages with focused keywords. As like the above reason, it is more better to you WP SEO plugins for optimizing your website for search.

These seo plugins can be used for optimizing individual posts too! Just you wanna to add the post title, description and targeted keywords. These things will be accessed while you share your blog posts on social networking sites. So you can configure Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to make your shares look awesome! Not only by using SEO plugins, you can use some social plugins like ShareThis, Add this and other plugins which will allow you to implement social sharing content quickly without wasting much time.

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Here in WordPress you can find tons of helpful plugins for both free and Paid ones. By using such plugins you can monitor your websites, Promote your websites and more. Plugins can help you with Social and SEO optimization for your WP blog.

You can list many more things such as Sitemaps, Images, Indexing, Customization and much more on Reasons to use WordPress Platform. Anyhow here, I’ve mentioned some main reasons to choose WordPress. These things are more necessary for every new websites and if you haven’t followed such things, start doing it now!

Hope this post helped you a lot to know more about WordPress SEO Optimization and more about WP platform. If you feel this post is great and worthy, then kindly so share this post and like it! Soon the most interesting topic On-Page SEO techniques 2017 will be shared soon here, may be in our next update too!

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